GFC 2023

About the conference theme

Illustration of four people holding puzzle pieces in front of a globe, illustrating different solutions coming together to solve problems

This work we are all doing—transforming the global food system in ways that enable the world to meet its climate, biodiversity, food security, and global health goals—is complex and rapidly evolving.

By 2030, countries from around the world have committed to halve emissions (from 2010 levels) and protect 30 percent of global land and ocean ecosystems.

The path to 2030 will require transformation of our global food system, including advancing and investing in more sustainable, secure, and just ways of making meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy.

This year’s conference theme—Path to 2030—is all about working together to create the conditions needed along the way:  

  • Greater collaboration and commitments across research, nonprofit, public, and private sectors
  • Significant investments in alternative protein science, technology, innovation, infrastructure, jobs, and transition plans 
  • A fair playing field and clear regulatory paths to market, resulting in greater consumer choice and access to delicious, nutritious, affordable, and sustainable new foods  

Today, we have both the opportunity and the obligation to create those conditions for success and usher in a brighter food future—together.