GFC 2023

About the Good Food Institute

As a nonprofit think tank and international network of organizations powered by philanthropy, GFI works alongside scientists, businesses, and policymakers to make alternative proteins as delicious, affordable, and accessible as conventional meat. In Asia Pacific, Europe, Brazil, India, Israel, and the United States, our teams are mobilizing the international community to use markets and technology to replace harmful practices with ones that are better for the climate and biodiversity, food security, and global health. 

We focus on three programmatic priorities:

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Cultivating a strong scientific ecosystem | GFI’s science and technology teams map out the most neglected areas that will allow alternative proteins to compete on taste and price. We develop open-access research and resources, educate and connect the next generation of scientists and entrepreneurs, and fund research that benefits alternative protein development across the sector.

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Influencing policy and securing government investment | GFI’s policy teams ensure that alternative proteins are a part of the policy discussion around climate change mitigation and global health. In every region where we have a presence, we advocate for government investment in alternative proteins and are paving the way for the approval of novel proteins such as cultivated meat. 

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Supporting industry to advance alternative proteins | GFI’s corporate teams are replicating past market transformations and partnering with companies and investors across the globe to drive investment, accelerate innovation, and scale the supply chain—all faster than market forces alone would allow.

All of GFI’s work is made possible by gifts and grants from our global family of donors. If you are interested in learning more about giving to GFI, please visit here or contact