GFC 2023

Program at a glance

We’re gathering together this September at a critical moment in time for the alternative protein field and the future of food and agriculture. Around the world, alternative proteins are increasingly recognized as an essential solution that can make possible a far more sustainable, secure, and just food future — but huge challenges remain and success is not inevitable. With a shared sense of urgency and focus, we will be zeroing in on three main themes throughout GFC 2023, each critical to advancing alt protein science, policy, and market momentum around the world at the pace and scale needed. Here’s a preview of those themes and ways we’ll dig into each: 

Celeste Holz-Schietinger, Director of Research, Impossible Foods and Dilrukshi Thavarajah, Associate Professor of Pulse Quality and Nutrition, Clemson University speaking at a Good Food Conference 2019 panel

Bold goals and global challenges

  • Alternative protein successes, momentum, and champions
  • Climate change, sustainability, and alternative proteins 
  • Breakthroughs in cultivated meat, both on the science and technology front and the regulatory path to market
  • Inclusive workforce development and transitions
  • Alternative proteins around the world: global insights and inspiration
  • Pathways to scale up within a decade
Three men engaging in a round table discussion at GFC 2019

Science, innovation, and ecosystem-building

  • Building alternative protein research and training hubs
  • What’s new and next in alternative protein equipment, ingredients, and end products
  • The power and perspective of chefs: what they’re looking for from the alternative protein space
  • The personal and public health benefits of alternative proteins
Three men engaging in a round table discussion at GFC 2019
GFC 2019 attendees talking

Cross-sector collaborations and commitments 

  • Policy and government engagement, uncovering public funding opportunities for alternative proteins
  • Unlocking the market potential of alternative proteins
  • Maximizing impact via consortium-building and alliances

Opportunity alert

In the lead-up to this year’s event, we’re inviting registrants to share input and ideas for roundtables and networking prompts. At the conference, attendees will be active participants, having the chance to lead, facilitate, and/or contribute to meaningful, relevant discussions of their choosing. Upon registering, you’ll learn more about how to share your ideas! 

See below for an at-a-glance view of this year’s conference. Please stay tuned for updates on speakers, sessions, and other event details between now and September. 

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